Baby food

It is recommended to use water mentioning "aproved for preparation of baby food" on the label. That means that this water got a positive recommendation of the Superior Health Council. Not on each label of bottled water this specific info is mentioned. Just check these minerals if the water can be used or not for the preparation of baby bottles.

Choose water containing

A low nitrate content:
Baby's up to 4 months old: maximum 10 mg per liter, older baby’s: maximum 25 mg per liter.

Ginstberg: 0 mg nitrate
Maximum: 25 mg nitrate

low salt content  (Na = salt): less than 45 mg per liter.

Too much sodium (salt) charges the kidneys of the baby.

Ginstberg: 16,5 mg sodium
Maximum: 45 mg sodium

low sulfate content (SO4): maximum 250 mg per liter.

Ginstberg: 87 mg sulfate
Maximum: 250 mg sulfate

low fluorine content (F): maximum 1 mg per liter.

Ginstberg: 0,1 mg fluorine
Maximum: 1 mg fluorine

total dry rest (or "résidu sec" on the label) lower than 500 mg per liter.

Ginstberg: 342 mg dry rest
Maximum: 500 mg dry rest

Our water is poor in



The composition of Ginstberg natural mineral water makes it suitable to the whole family. Water of the "Ginstberg"spring is suitable for daily consumption. 
People who need to follow a low-salt diet, can also enjoy this glass of Ginstberg spring water. The Ginstberg water is approved by the Superior Healthy Council of Belgian as a Natural mineral water.

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Health care sector

Ginstberg natural mineral water is frequently seen in the Belgian health care sector. It is no coincidence that the Ginstberg water is given to these patients in these institutes. The good composition, great taste and innovative packaging are USP's to be chosen in these institutes: seniorhomes, schools, hospitals and other public institutes. 

Are you a buyer, patient or family member of someone in an institute, which pours (or not) our water, and you have questions?

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Mineral water compared with spring water

The geological and hydrological characteristics of the spring, the chemical, physical and microbiological composition of the water and the clinical and pharmalogical characteristics of natural mineral water need to be listed; for spring water the research is not necessary.

The composition, temperature and other essential characteristics of natural mineral water need to be stable within natural fluctuations and they cannot be influenced by the flow rate of the source; spring water does not limit these characteristics. 

Natural mineral water needs to be bottled at the spring; spring water can also be bottled elsewhere. 

Mineral water, acknowledged by one of the EU countries, can be sold anywhere in the EU. Spring water has to be approved by each country and it needs to be conform each country's drinking water standard. 

List of European mineral waters